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 Company Overview
Yem Chio Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 by Mr. Chih Hsien Lee who is the current President and CEO. Although our business was started with low capital and easy equipment, but it was with a broad vision and worldview. Since its early development in 1984, Yem Chio Group has now become a total capital up to US$ 850 million multinational corporations.

Diversification and management
Yem Chio group develops and extends business widely. After acquiring Achem in 2009, Yem Chio has confirmed the direction for diverse industry development and divided into five business units, incuding BOPP film, adhesive tape, packaging materials sales channel, land development/construction and cloud computing service.

1. BOPP Film Business
To meet the increasing marekt demand, Yem Chio is planning to build its 7th BOPP film production line. The 6th BOPP film production line was already put into operation in Oct, 2011 in Changhua Taiwan and increased 3,000 tons per month, estimated annual output will reach 160,000 tons for the group.

2. Adhesive Tape Business
Ever since Achem merged into Yem Chio Group in 2009, it started to guide the adhesive tape business unit among the group. Through the horizontal integration, it reinforced Yem Chio Group's leading status and influence in the global tape industry.

3. Packaging Material Sales Channel Business
Yem Chio owns the highest density of wholesale packaging material channel in Taiwan. In 2010, Xin Chio Global Co., Ltd was established and the channel brand of ˇ§Master Packageˇ¨ was built for entering the retail market. In order to grow the most competitive sales channel, the professional packaging materials shop ˇ§Master Packageˇ¨ is now actively expanding in Taiwan and China .

4. Land Development & Construction Business
Yem Chio started its real estate business in 2004 and founded a subsidiary of Wong Chio Land Development Co., Ltd. in 2005. The business includes land development, building construction, real estate and hotel management.

5. New Business Development
For sustainable development, Yem Chio group not only devotes to the original business but also expands to other potential industries. For example, we merged Termtek Technology in 2011 and expanded our business into cloud computing service.
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